12 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Georgia

Georgia – A country often overlooked yet offers so much. Think medieval fortresses and monasteries, rolling lush green hills, majestic mountains, and deep deep canyons with glistening blue waters below. A country where culture and history lovers will have the feeling they’ve been transported to the past while walking through the villages and towns. Outdoor lovers will be left breathless by the stunning landscapes of the mountains and every traveler will experience the incredible hospitality of the people and will be treated to a feast of delicious food and wine. This country is still surprisingly untouched by tourists but when it finally gets the attention it deservers, it will be an outdoors and adventure hotspot… Read ahead to see why.

Located 850 meters high above the picturesque village of Merisi, sits the incredible Eco House Merisi. Guests get to sleep in a glass bedroom on the mountain slope with beautiful panoramic views. Photo by @nina_fedotova.

The giant metal artwork, also known as the “Statue of Love,” consists of two somewhat transparent figures made of stacked segments. Each day at 7 PM, the two figures slide towards each other, eventually merging as their segments pass between each other, never truly connecting. Photo by @_ket_062

The Gergeti Trinity Church stands guard over the Kazbegi region from its perch on a hillside just under Mount Kazbegi. Outside of winter, you can reach the church on a two-hour climb through alpine meadows. For the more intrepid, there are plenty of single and multi-day hikes that push deeper into the mountains and glaciers along the Russian border. Photos by @paammka and @jayjeab

The Martvili Canyon is a natural wonder in the Samegrelo region of Georgia, near the town of Martvili. The site had been virtually forgotten except by locals until the early 2000s, when more and more tourists started posting photos and videos on the internet. Photos by @allroad_on_the_road and @chomek1

There is no better place to learn more about and try Georgian wine than the Kakheti Wine Region. Photos by @a_koreneva

Georgia is home to some gorgeous lakes, and one of them is located in the vicinity of Mestia. Koruldi Lake lie at the base of Mount Ushba, at 2,200-meters above the sea level and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The track is very well marked and takes about four hours of hiking. Photos by @mixxpst

Ananuri is a castle complex on the Aragvi River in Dusheti Municipality Georgia, about 45 miles (72 kilometres) from Tbilisi. Photos by @ulyana.polonskaya and @a_alohaa.

The iconic 240-meter long Diamond Bridge at Kass Land extended over the unique Tsalka Canyon. The bridge is designed in a way to fully synthesize with the environment, enabling a 360-degree panoramic sights for unforgettable sensations. Photos by @alrezzzo and @tbilisi.through.tima

Sometimes referred to as “The Georgian Stonehenge,” the “Chronicle of Georgia” consists of 16 large columns that reach a height of around 114 feet. The lower parts portray the life of Jesus and other notable figures throughout the history of Christianity. The higher parts of the pillars contain notable members of royalty and rulers of Georgia. Interestingly, the towers are yet to be fully completed, intermittently, work still continues on the structure. Photos by @not.just.nut and @chiaracoto

Juma Mosque also known as Tbilisi Mosque is located in Old Tbilisi, below Narikala Fortress. It is currently the only Muslim shrine in the city. Photos by @lu_tenderness and @ciaobello82

The leaning tower of Tbilisi is one of the city’s most unusual buildings. Tucked into a side street of old town, it truly is a bizarre structure, with a tower on the perpetual brink of falling down, and only a steel beam holding the tower in place. A huge clock sits in the middle of the disheveled tower, with a leaning column on its side. While an incredibly odd sight, it’s not an old structure. It is a modern tower, attached to the puppet theatre of renowned puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze. Photos by @dreamondora and @levangiorgadze

The Diakho Sulfur Geyser is popular among both local and foreign tourists throughout the year due to its unique visual and healing properties. It is a natural, open pool and it is said to have been around for over 100 years. The Dikhashkho sulfur geyser thermal water reaches 38 degrees in winter-summer. Photos by @juliantwent and @arik0n

Have I got you dreaming of Georgia? Keep your eyes peeled for 2023, we may have something exciting instore for you…

Written by Lucy Kaufmann