16 Images That’ll Make You Want To Visit Madeira

Ever since I visited Madeira three years ago, the thought of one day returning has never left my mind. I knew the island was special but I didn’t realise just how jaw-droppingly beautiful it would be. From high up in the misty mountains to the lush green forests that snake around the many Llevadas that have been built around the island, to the crystal clear waters and the almost too cute-to-be-real A-frame houses. Madeira is blessed with magnificent and incredibly diverse landscapes that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. If that’s not enough to convince you to catch the next flight there, these images certainly will!

Porto Santo by jackson.groves

Porto da Cruz otherwise known as ‘Port of the Cross’ is a charming village located on the northeast coast of the island. Named after the cross that was placed on the shore to indicate the port for the Portuguese explorers. This place is famous for surfing; great for swimming and nature walks enjoy the many paths available throughout the beautiful landscapes of Porto da Cruz. Photo by @madeiraunofficial

Built as a mountain shelter for the rising numbers of tourists in the early 20th century, Casa das Queimadas is now a place to experience memory and tradition. Photos by @nen_onroad & @cedric_corailler

A true fairy tale in a green paradise that starts in the Queimadas’ house. The Levada do Caldeirão Verde translates to the ‘Green Cauldren’ and it’s easy to see why! The Levada do Caldeirão Verde hike is one of the best Levada walks on Madeira island with vibrant jungles and several amazing waterfalls! Photos by @karo_babayan & @lucykg

Monte Palace Tropical Garden is the work of a man, a lover of trees, flowers, plants, and art who brought together an incredible collection there. That art and nature lover purchased the property in 1987. The garden was quickly opened to the public. Monte Palace Tropical Garden is also an opportunity to discover the history of Madeira thanks to artistic panels all the way through your walk.  Photos by @kulczycka_agnieszka & @lucykg

Pico do Arieiro photos by @lucykg

Santana photos by @_marco_nunes__ & @caroliiinaf

Madeira Botanical Garden photos by @travellingkoffermann & @tamsphotodiary