5 Reasons To Visit Lapland

For a real arctic adventure, Lapland is the best place to be. Envision frost-covered pine trees, rolling snowy hills with cosy log cabins, huskies and reindeer pulling sledges, and endless outdoor fun in the snow. It doesn’t get much closer to a winter wonderland than Lapland! This Arctic destination has no shortage of awe-inspiring natural attractions, thrilling excursions, and unique accommodations so read ahead to be inspired.

1. Northern Lights

Though you are never guaranteed to see them, Lapland’s remote and relatively untouched territory in the Arctic Circle offers one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. It is set right by the “Northern Lights Belt”, the region with the most activity in the northern hemisphere. This dazzling, brilliantly-hued display in the sky results from electrically-charged particles from the sun entering the earth’s atmosphere, then mixing with the atmosphere’s gases – which causes the gases to glow. 

2. Winter Activities

Lapland is the perfect destination to live out your dream winter wonderland fantasy and with so many activities on offer, there’s no chance of being stuck with nothing to do. For me, Lapland is one of the most magical locations to drive a team of Huskies. You are surrounded by the perfect snow-covered landscape, crisp refreshing air, and a completely quiet, tranquil environment. Make sure you wrap up, though, as once the dogs get going, the wind chill is pretty intense! 

Riding in a sledge led by a pack of huskies is one of the most requested activities in Lapland, but for people looking for more of an adrenaline rush, you’ll want to get their hands on a snowmobile and head out into powder fields on a safari! Snowmobiles are available to hire in pretty much all Finnish resorts and there’ll almost always be a guide at hand willing to show you the best local sights.

For those who are more active, Lapland is home to Levi’s premier ski resort with pistes to suit all levels of expertise. The location ensures that the ski areas enjoy some of the longest winter seasons! And chances of it being overcrowded are slim with slope and lift queues usually non-existent, as the crowds flock to the likes of France and Austria instead. 

3. Traditional Lappish dinner & Ice Hotel

A traditional Lappish dinner is more than just dinner. Firstly you’ll get to experience the traditional wood-burning Finnish sauna, rotated with dips in the ice lake “pool”. Once you’ve finished your unique Finnish spa experience it’s time to tuck into your delicious traditional Lappish dinner by the cosy fire. A truly unique and magical experience!

Ice Bars, Restaurants, and Hotels are relatively common in Lapland so wherever you go you’re likely to have the opportunity to either stay or visit. We recommend visiting for dinner if you’ve not eaten in an Ice Restaurant before. This will allow you to have a drink at the Ice Bar, just before or after, and take in the super-cool surroundings.

4. Saunas

If you’d prefer to relax and stay away from the chills or warm up after an adventure-packed day of winter activities, Lapland offers plenty of calmer and cosier experiences such as toasty saunas. After all, Finland is the birthplace of saunas so what better place to experience this typical tradition. Traditionally little huts are found throughout Finland and are heated by a wood-burning stove with temperatures in the range of 80-110 C° (176-230 °F). After heating up, it’s accustomed to rolling around the snow to cool off, brrr!

4. Glass Accommodation

After a long exciting day full of activities you’ll want to lay your head somewhere comfortable, luckily Lapland is renowned for its unusual quirky glass accommodation offering the possibility of a truly magical night under the Northern Lights. What better way to watch them dancing across the winter sky but from the warmth of your own bed. Sleeping in a Glass Igloo and Glass Box rooms are genuinely once-in-a-lifetime experiences not to be forgotten.

Lapland is the perfect winter wonderland, a truly magical environment with an array of epic activities and let’s not forget the Northern Lights! If you are interested in visiting Lapland check out our Lapland Experience Here.

Written by Lucy Kaufmann, Untravelled Paths