Best apps to take on your travels

Best Apps to Take on Your Travels

Heading out on your annual two weeks summer holiday or packing your bags for an indefinite period of travel? These apps will prove to be vitally important companions for your time away. We’ve put together a list of our favourites that we think you shouldn’t leave without.


City street at night time

Perfect for anyone tripping to the main cities of the world, CityMapper is the way to go. The app covers 39 urban locations in extensive detail, so if you’re ever lost in Berlin, Tokyo, London, or any of the other cities, then this app will not help with directions. It will also provide a cost to your journey if you’re using public transport.


One of the most revolutionary language learning techniques ever to grace our planet. Duolingo doesn’t only teach languages, but makes it easily accessible and even fun! You’ll have no trouble brushing up on your Spanish, French, or German before a trip away, with the ability to learn relevant and straightforward phrases whatever the situation. Currently offering over 20 languages, if you’re English speaking, the service is a must; plus it’s completely free!


Person using sat-nav in car

Transforming the way we think about transport one driver at a time, Uber allows people to share rides, deliver food and get cabs around the world. Their app, with its clean and clear interface, enables people to book a ride and share a human connection. Uber typically works better in more densely populated areas, and can often be cheaper than a standard cab fare.

Google Translate

Perhaps the least surprising addition to the list, Google Translate has been removing the language barrier since 2006. This free app instantly translates words into pretty much any target language making a word or phrase translation easy as koláč (Czech for pie). You can also make use of the cue cards section of the app if you’re ever stuck in a jam. You simply write a phrase in your language and turn to phone sideways to create an instant translation. It will help resolve any situation you encounter on your travels.

Word Lens

Word Lens differentiates itself from other language apps as it is an AR (augmented reality) service. This means that it translates using your phone’s camera. All you need to do is aim your viewfinder at a piece of text, such as a sign, label, or menu and the app will translate it right there and then. Perfect for when you need to quickly work out the way to the beach!


Wallet and sunglasses on table

As its name suggests, Revolut is a revolutionary new digital banking alternative, perfect for travellers and jet-setters! With a plain and simple interface and straightforward offering, the company is shaking up the world of digital finance. Their app allows you to track and manage spending habits, deposit and withdraw instantly. It also comes with nifty features like instant card freezing along with cryptocurrency exchange. One of the most essential travel-related features is that they allow £200 ATM withdrawals per month with no fee, as well as transactions up to £5,000 a month.

BBC Weather

As we all know, weather is changeable, so make you checke the weather before you travel. Chances are, you won’t need a raincoat for the Costa Brava, but if you’re heading on a more cultural excursion or somewhere off the beaten path, such as one of our dog sledding holidays, then you’ll need to know before you go. Up-to-date forecasts for wherever you are in the world will help you make the most of your time away.


Dealing with lots of moving parts with your travels can get confusing, especially if you’re staying in various locations and making reservations left, right and centre! Enter TripIt, the itinerary wizards! Just email the confirmations to the TripIt email address every time you make a restaurant, hotel or flight reservation. You’ll then receive a perfectly detailed itinerary for your trip. This way, everything is kept in one place and can be accessed from all of your devices. This could also be useful for solo travellers, so friends and family know where you are at any given time.


Person using phone with bag

Perfect for anyone that travels anywhere, even on the journey to work. Pocket is an amazing tool that allows you to save and store all of the web pages, articles and blog pieces that take your fancy but you can’t read there and then. It curates your own personal space, filled with your saved articles allowing you to catch up at a later date. Want to catch up on the latest industry news while travelling around Ethiopia? Why not. Pocket is a genius idea that can help us all stay just a little bit more informed with the world.

If there are any apps that you just can’t bear to be without on your travels, let us know! Facebook and Twitter are the best way to get in touch.