Complete Guide to Travel Podcasts

Complete Guide to Travel Podcasts

As humans, we love to travel! Whether we’re planning our annual holiday to an exotic location, or organising a longer trip to see more parts of the world, travel is something that really enriches us and broadens the mind. We here at Untravelled Paths have visited the four corners of the globe and are happy to report that the world is a truly magnificent spectacle. In addition, with the cost of travel in a constant decline, with low budget airlines and services like Airbnb and Uber empowering people to become their own hosts, there really is no better time to start ticking locations off of you bucket list! Depending on whether you’re waiting eagerly for the date of your trip to come round, laying in bed in a foreign city, in Romania, bear watching, then make sure you tune in to these fantastic podcasts to keep you company and soak up some essential travel knowledge!

Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPOP)

Hosted by serial entrepreneur and world traveller, Travis Sherry, the podcast features (for the most part) in-depth conversations with inspiring individuals such as travellers, bloggers and fellow entrepreneurs who have found ways to either make money on the road or to travel the world on the smallest of budgets. This is a perfect start for anyone looking to incorporate more travel into their life.

Zero to Travel

Similar to EPOP above, the Zero to Travel podcast is mainly focused around conversations with travellers and unique minded individuals. Hosted by Jason Moore, each episode will enlighten and inspire listeners to get out and see the world.

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Budget Minded Traveller

If you’re heading out on a trip with a scaled down budget, then this one will be of vital listening. Host Jackie Nourse offers practicle and achievable advice on how to turn your travel dreams into reality, without draining the bank account. Along with interesting and varied guests, this is definitely one to listen to if you’re heading out on a longer period of travel.

Rough Guide to Everywhere

Insightful, interesting and immediately gripping, the Rough Guide to Everywhere podcast series is less studio conversation and more pub chit-chat, as the hosts and guests share mostly unimaginable stories of their travel adventures. Each episode has plenty of detail but still remains succinct enough to keep you enthralled, making it perfect for binge listening!

Radio 4 Excess Baggage

With a plentiful back catalogue of over 150 episodes, Radio 4’s contribution to the travel podcast collection is a strong one. British journalist, writer and broadcaster John McCarthy hosts the show for the most part, with occasional episodes hosted by Sandi Toksvig. This podcast will guarantee a broader and more knowledgable mind by the end of each episode.

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Travel Stories Podcast

Host Hayden Lee delivers exactly what the title suggests, stories from his travels. With most recent episodes focussing on his travels around Europe with his trusy motorcycle named Gloria, the show really offers something for all entry points! New and experienced travellers alike have something to gain by tuning in to hear his ‘ramblings’ with some epsiodes focusing on the more practical side of travelling and others being a chance for Hayden to share what’s going on in his world of travel.

Women Who Travel

Billed as a podcast for anyone that either is a woman, or knows a woman, the show’s hosts touch on a plethora of different topics that celebrate female travel, and incorporate a delightful cocktail of humour, knowledge and intruige. With a strong back catalogue that requires no chronological listening, you can pick and choose the episodes that grab you’re attention, you’ll probably end up listening to them all again anyway!

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Host Amanda Kendle brings her own unique spin on the travel podcast genre as she chats to guests about why they love travelling and what they’ve learned from their globe trotting experiences. Guests range from photographers, bloggers and general travel lovers and offer well-rounded conversation that touch on every travel topic imaginable!

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Wild Ideas Worth Living

The winning combination of fascinating guests, arresting story telling and once-in-a-lifetime experiences makes this podcast ripe for anyone to listen to. Hosted by adventure journalist/ultimate traveller Shelby Stanger, the show sees her chat to some of the most interesting people you’ve never knew you admired. Although the podcast features mostly on the guests, it’s underlined with a theme of travel and adventure, which is unbelievably inspiring.

The Cruise Dudes Podcast

Hosted by brothers-in-law Scott and Tommy, the show explores the exciting and slightly more sedate means of travel that is cruise ship holidays/vacations. The show brings the cruise lifestyle to people’s eye and ears by means of video, reviews and of course, weekly podcasts. With more than 100 episodes under their belt, the show is ideal for anyone preferring to ‘ship off’ as opposed to ‘jet off’.

Betty in the Sky With a Suitcase

Offering something completely different for the travel podcast genre, Betty in the sky with a suitcase is presented by flight attendant Betty featuring funny stories from the cabin as she ventures across the globe. For more interesting stories, you can check out her book of the same name.

Abroaders Podcast

With a hefty 200+ episodes in the catalogue, the Abroaders podcast is characterised by the simple ethos of ‘Earn more. Travel more. Travel better. Pay less.’ The podcast keeps abreast of any developments in the financial and travel space such as airline miles programmes and maximising credit card miles. If you’re a bit of a travel geek then this is a certain listen!

Tropical MBA

Racking up millions of downloads in over 100 countries, hosts Ian and Dan are a safe pair of hands when it comes to travel business podcasts (of which there are many). Nearly ten years old, they have tackled every subject under the sun, and then some! If you want to make a profitable business that allows you to travel the world (who doesn’t?) then this is the podcast that you should be spending time with. When they aren’t sharing their own personal stories, Ian and Dan are discussing ideas with other entrepreneurs which in itself is inspiring. This really shows that the dream DOESN’T have to stay as just a dream.


Tim Ferriss Show

Not strictly a travel podcast but it certainly warrants a place on this list for the sheer quality and calibre of guests it features. Tim’s CV is long, varied and hugely enviable, which makes him a fantastic podcast host. And not only does he interview some of the most brilliant minds of our generation, such as Sir Richard Branson, Rick Rubin and Bill Burr, but he literally wrote the book on how to travel the world and still make money – the best selling 4-Hour Work Week. Travel or no travel, this podcast has something for everyone!

Hopefully this list has provided some inspiration of which podcasts you can delve into to be inspired to travel the world. We’re always on the look out for more amazing travel shows so let us know your favourites on Facebook and Twitter!