Eco resorts in Slovenia

Best Eco Lodges and Resorts in Slovenia

As we often mention (maybe a little too often), Slovenia is a real gem of a country. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning after an undoubtedly delightful previous trip, the country, and the people that live there, always have something new to offer. For first-time travellers, it’s worth noting that Slovenia is not a particularly ‘hard’ country to visit. The food, taking influence from both Italy and other surrounding Adriatic nations, is tasty and wholesome. The language can be a little tricky at times, but many of the more populated cities have English-speaking occupants, working in accommodation and restaurants. Finally, the public transport is affordable and mostly reliable, meaning you can catch a train or bus to different areas of the country with ease. Or, you can choose to hire a car and drive, and with the quality of the roads not being too dissimilar to the UK, this can be a breeze as well.

Something that Slovenia is particularly good at is being an environmentally conscious nation. When ranked in 2017, the country appeared 5th in a list of the world’s most environmentally friendly countries, with the UK not even being in the top 10! Part of this is by nature. It is a country that is relatively undisturbed by the Goliath corporations of the western world, meaning that locals continue with more traditional lifestyles.

The other part is by design. Slovenia, like other countries who rank highly as the most eco-friendly, has made a commitment to do so. The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is a programme that has been brewed at the national level and trickled down through the cities, towns and villages that have embraced it. In the country, 48 destinations have either bronze, silver or gold certification, along with over 40 accommodation providers.

Small rustic cottage at the foot of a mountain

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the very best environmentally-friendly lodges, hotels and accommodations that you should check out when visiting the country.

Trnulja Estate

Situated just a short distance from the vibrant capital city of Ljubljana, this tranquil location is set on a small farm, with modern apartments for guests to stay in. Having only been built in the last 20 years, the guest houses are not only well equipped, but built using natural materials such as wood, clay and bricks. They are kitted out with hemp furnishings such as mattresses and pillows, while also using it for the insulation. Prices for this accommodation can range depending on the months, however, unlike many other accommodation providers, summer prices can often be cheaper than winter breaks, making this an ideal retreat during the sunny days in Slovenia.

Hotel St. Daniel

Located in the west of Slovenia, with the closest main town being Nova Gorica, Hotel St. Daniel is a beautiful venue that provides an opportunity to disconnect from modern life. The rooms are beautifully and tastefully designed using furniture built from recycled wood, along with organic bed sheets. The owners have also made a conscious choice to not install any TVs in the rooms, to allow for people to disconnect from the modern world, although Wi-Fi is still available if necessary.

In the dining area, meals are served that make use of locally sourced ingredients that limit food miles. These are used to create tasty, healthy dishes that are inspired by the people of Slovenia. There is also a range of vegetarian, vegan, meat, gluten and lactose-free meals for those with special dietary requirements.


In the North East of Slovenia, located in the Pomurje region, is the fantastic Bioterme resort. Offering a range of accommodation options, from their hotel rooms, to glamping villas and tents, the resort is an amazing place to relax and recover from the stresses of everyday life. The various accommodation options all contain furniture and furnishings made from natural materials, such as wood and cotton.

The resort has indoor and outdoor pools, along with a fitness centre, saunas and wellness facilities such as massages and pedicures. The accommodation comes with half-board as standard, which allows you to enjoy organically grown and locally sourced dishes.

Farm Stay Urška

Located not from the main E57 road to Maribor, Turistična kmetija Urška (roughly translated as Urška Tourist Farm), is a beautiful location that offers visitors a peek into a more traditional way of life. Not only encouraging outdoor activities that benefit the physical wellness of guests, but the owners also provide a hearty combination of home-cooked food, an outdoor pool with loungers and an indoor spa and sauna.

The restaurant cooks up a tasty range of homegrown and locally sourced delights that cater to all dietary requirements. The daughter of the family is a sommelier, which means that she can suggest the perfect wine choices for your dinner. The rooms have been decorated and furnished with homemade or locally sourced furniture, along with locally produced soft furnishings such as rugs and blankets.

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