Our Favourite 20 Into the Wild Images

For this week, we thought to put together the very best 20 images from our Into the Wild experience collection for you to enjoy. It’s possible to see all these creatures on Untravelled Paths experiences. How many have you seen?

An African Penguin going for a stroll along Boulders Beach in South Africa.
Two common squirrel monkeys playing on a tree branch in the Amazon rainforest in Colombia.
A puffin perfectly posing for this fabulous shot in the Inner Hebrides in Scotland.
Spotted by a Grey Wolf in the forests of the Carpathian mountains in Romania.
A Poison Dart frog in the Amazon in Colombia.
Magnificent male lion surveying his territory in South Africa.
A beautiful Hummingbird in the cloud forests of Minca in Colombia.
A huge Basking Shark captured swimming by a Zodiac boat in Scotland.
A Husky with eyes on you between Italy and Slovenia.
Hyena-man feeding one spotted hyena outside the old town walls of Harar in Eastern Ethiopia.
A brown bear looking for food in Transylvania, Romania.
A cheetah scouting the landscape for potential dangers or a possible meal in South Africa.
Eurasian hoopoe enjoying the sun in the Danube Delta in Romania.
Bottlenose dolphin near Oban, Scotland.
Pelican taking flight in the Danube Delta in Romania.
A male Gelada monkey in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia.
A wild Toucan about to have a snack in the Amazon rainforest in Colombia.
An Iberian Lynx taking some time out in Adalusia in Southern Spain.
A stunning Kingfisher in the Danube Delta in Romania.
A herd of Elephants walking past Kilimanjaro in Kenya where we will soon be releasing an experience so watch this space!

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Written by James Chisnall, Untravelled Paths