Loved That. Then You’ll Love This!

Many of our guests who have travelled with us have booked one of our classic experiences such as the Ice Hotel Experience or our Brown Bear Experience but similar experiences made up of the same ingredients that are well worth checking out. So if you loved that experience, then you’ll love these! So take a look at these exciting alternatives.

One for the Adventurers

If you loved The Ice Hotel Experience… then you’ll love The Sahara Desert Experience!

Something different. Somewhere different. The Ice Hotel Experience in the remote Fagaras mountains in Transylvania was our very first adventure and epitomises what we are about. A city break in Bucharest, a journey through Transylvanian learning about the legend of Dracula and finally a truly once in a lifetime experience with a night sleeping at the Hotel of Ice set in the mountains at over 2000m and only reachable by cable car, simply magical. So recreating such an iconic experience is no easy feat but if there’s anything that can match the ice of the Ice Hotel then maybe, just maybe it’s the fire of the Sahara Desert. Our Sahara Desert Experiences (4-night & 7-night) experiences might on the surface seem completely opposite given the temperature of the destinations but they both contain the same sprinkle of magic. Explore and barter in the souks of Marrakesh, be mesmerised by the belly dancers at Comptoir Darna, marvel at the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains and relax in the oasis at Skoura. Finally, arrive at the Sahara Desert for your sunset camel ride through the imposing sand dunes before enjoying a traditional Moroccan dinner around your campfire under the night sky littered with bright sparkling stars. It’s simply magical, so don’t hesitate to come and see for yourself! Check out our blog post on how to spend 48 hours in Morocco here

One for the Foodies

If you loved The Dolce Vita Experience… then you’ll love The Andalusia Experience!

With an average yearly temperature of 20 degrees celsius, beautiful towns and scrumptious, fresh food all washed down with delicious wine, our Dolce Vita Experience in Puglia offers a beautiful life indeed as those who have joined us will know only too well! However, what if we told you that there is another incredible experience that offers all the same ingredients and arguably a little bit more. Let me introduce you to the delectable Andalusia Experience in Southern Spain filled with passion and of course some mouthwatering cuisine. Explore the exquisitely beautiful and elegant city of Seville, the very heart of Andalusia and its famous tapas restaurant culture. Discover the city on a divine food and drink tour of the city which allows you to learn about the history and tradition of this fascinating city while tasting the finest local delicacies. Take in a night of spine-tingling raw passion at an authentic Flamenco show. Marvel at the truly unique Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba. Enjoy a cooking lesson while wine tasting as the sunsets over the spectacular town of Ronda. Go on… come and have a taste for yourself! Learn about the best places to eat in Seville here

One for the Culture Vultures

If you loved The Dracula Experience… then you’ll love The Mini Bosnia Experience!

Our Dracula Experience is an incredibly varied journey through Transylvania, packed full of culture, tradition, colourful medieval towns, stunning rural countryside and of course the legend of Dracula, which you learn all about. It’s a real nugget of journey which showcases some of the very best Romania and Transylvania, in particular, has to offer which is why it’s such a favourite with our guests. Our newest experience, which we are very excited about, the Mini Bosnia Experience is packed full of the same fundamental elements. Arriving and finishing in Dubrovnik, which you have time to explore, before travelling through Bosnia’s jaw-dropping beautiful southern region including visits to Klavica waterfall, Blagaj Monastery and Mostar Old Town before arriving in Sarajevo. Bosnia’s vibrant capital is a fascinating mix of cultures and a truly engrossing history including the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914 which lead to the start of the First World War and of course, more recently, the Siege of Sarajevo in 1992 which lasted almost 4 years. You’ll learn all about both as well as how this predominantly Muslim country came to exist right in the centre of Europe. Another real nugget of an experience in one of Europe’s fastest-growing tourist destinations so join us soon before everyone else gets there! Find out what the top 10 things to do in Sarajevo are here

One for the Wildlife lovers

If you loved The Brown Bear Experience… then you’ll love The Iberian Lynx Experience!

The popularity and success of our Brown Bear Experience, where you have the opportunity to see wild Bears roaming the forests against the stunning backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains and Dracula’s castle in Transylvania lead us to see if we could create something similar. We scoured Europe to see if we could find the same combination of an aloof but magnificent animal, rugged scenery and a beautiful vibrant city once we started looking at Spain we found exactly what we were looking for with the regal looking Iberian Lynx in the nature reserves of Andalusia. Our Iberian Lynx Experience is a small tour limited to just 8 people and combines the delectable city of Seville, its divine tapas, Flamenco and maybe Turkish baths if you fancy with searching for the Iberian Lynx as it searches for a mate. It’s this exact endeavour that allows you this unique opportunity to see this majestic creature. With their mind focused on mating and the undergrowth of the reserve sparse in the winter months, this normally incredibly aloof and rare to see the animal for the rest of the year becomes a very attainable sighting and most of our clients have been lucky enough to see the Lynx. For the few, not so lucky there is plenty of other wildlife from Ibex, deer, otters and various birds of prey. So why not come join us this winter over the two month mating season starting this December… but don’t deliberate for too long as places are limited!

One for the Romantics

If you loved The Sahara Desert Experiences… then you’ll love The Hot Air Balloon Experience!

Morocco is a destination that truly awakens your senses and leaves you in awe and nothing encapsulates this more than the journey down to the Sahara Desert. First, you soak up the chaotic, yet captivating Marrakesh and its souks, the atmospheric call to prayer and the divine Riads, one of which you’ll stay in, which provide the perfect Oasis from the busy streets of the medina. Then you travel through the impressive Atlas Mountains, and down into Dades Valley before arriving at the extraordinary Sahara Desert for a magical sunset, evening and sunrise amongst the sand dunes. Our Hot Air Balloon Experience has much of the same magic from the hustle and bustle of the lively Istanbul where you can visit the famous Blue Mosque, the impressive Hagia Sophia, barter in the Grand Bazaar, explore the busy streets around Galata Tower, look out over the Bosphorus and contemplate while listening to the call to prayer. Then travel down Cappadocia, in the heart of Turkey, where you’ll float amongst over a hundred hot air balloons as the sunrises over the unique, rocky landscape. A true once in a lifetime, magical, tranquil setting interrupted only by the occasional burst from your balloon’s burner. Come find out for yourself and join us for another pinch yourself experience! Before you go why not check out our blog post on how to spend 48 hours in Istanbul here

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Written by James Chisnall