Spring in Pictures

As winter finally draws to a close, we start to yearn for the sunshine of summer. But lets no over look the beauty of spring which this year feels more symbolic than normal, hopefully signalling the beginning of the end of the pandemic. So have a look at these spring time photos from across the world which will hopefully make you feel excited and positive about the future.

The famous cherry blossom in Japan
The terraces are filling up in Spain.
Beautiful flowers in the Albanian Alps
Spring offers the best white water rafting in Montenegro
Bears coming out of hibernation in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains.
Tulips are blossoming in Holland.
Birds start to migrate back to the Danube Delta.
Slovenia’s picturesque mountains and meadows in spring.
In Romania eggs are being hand painted for Easter.
A young zebra sticks close to its mother in the Serengeti, Tanzania.
Children enjoying Holi in India

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Written by Marius Macoveiu, Untravelled Paths

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