Tips On How To Pack Your Suitcase Like A Travel-Pro

Let’s face it, packing your suitcase is probably one of the least thrilling things to do when you are going on holiday. Not to mention how difficult it is to fit everything in, and how easy it is to unpack it all when you’re only grabbing out a t-shirt and shorts. There are hacks that can help though – and here we’ve put together some of our favourite tips to maximise luggage space. Travel can be stressful at the best of times, don’t let your luggage add to that!

Kindle & E-Readers

I LOVE books, I love the feel of books, the smell of books, the act of turning a fresh crisp page. I love it! What I don’t love is sacrificing precious luggage space to pack as many books into my suitcase or sacrificing my reading list to only bring one book and hope I don’t finish it too quickly. This is where a kindle comes into play. Sleek, minimal space needed when packing and you can even read in the dark if you happen to find yourself on a caving expedition…? I know many people see a kindle as literature sacrilege but hey, I won’t judge if you don’t?

Solid Personal Care items

With the increase in eco-conscious hygiene products on the market, it’s so easy to get your hands on solid shampoos, conditioners and body wash. What’s perfect about these is that you don’t have to include them in your teeny tiny liquids bag that they give you at the airport, therefore freeing up more room for other items such as makeup and perfume! I find that they last so much longer than the little travel-sized products you buy and I sometimes cut them up into smaller pieces depending on the length of my trips.

Bring A Microfibre Towel

We all love a fluffy, bath towel, but our suitcases just aren’t the place for one, so let me introduce you to the microfiber towel! I have had my trusty microfiber towel for over seven years now and it has lasted me throughout all my travels, we’ve really seen the world together, how cute. These towels can be used for pretty much anything, and are designed to be lightweight and compact! Not only do microfiber towels weigh way less than regular towels, but they also dry faster and are anti-bacterial. It takes up less space in your bag and limits the chances of having to pack a stinky wet towel when you’re traveling to different places.

Take A Pill Organiser

Whether you have medications or an array of daily vitamins to take like me, a seven-day pill organiser will help you avoid having to pack more tablets than you need to for your trip away. They also double up as jewellery storage which helps minimize the risk of tangling or losing your precious jewels when travelling! Simply pop each item of jewellery into separate sections and away you go!

Use Packing Cubes

I always thought packing cubes were so unnecessary and lived by the whole roll-and-go technique but I was so wrong! It’s surprising how much you can squeeze into them and rather than rummaging through your luggage trying to find a particular piece of clothing you can simply separate your tops, pants, and underwear into different cubes meaning it’s much more organised and tidy!

Pack An International Travel Adapter

Travel adapters are bulky to pack, especially if you’re travelling to multiple countries with different power outlets. If you want to use electronic devices in a different country, you’ll probably need a travel plug adapter. However, no universal travel adapter is truly universal, and they’re all a lot bulkier and more expensive than simple plug adapters. If you want the smallest adapter possible, or if you’re going someplace where a universal adapter won’t work (more on that in a minute), then a plug adapter could be what you need. There’s a variety of different outlet types around the world, not to mention different voltages and frequencies, so you can’t expect your phone charger to just plug in and work wherever you’re headed.

Use Travel Sized Products & Free Samples

This one goes without saying when travelling with hand luggage. Rather than buying actual mini-sized items I just decant my skincare products into travel-size empties. That way you are not only saving space but money too, a win-win! I even take it a step further with free samples. When I’m only travelling for a short amount of time I will go to my favourite skincare stores and ask for free samples of all the products I use daily. The majority of the time they are more than happy to give them out which in turn has saved me £££ and space!

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Written by Lucy Kaufmann