Top 10 Kids Activities: Family Transylvania

Transitioning from romantic breaks with your partner and partying abroad with your friends to a “holiday” with your children is a familiar and challenging adjustment for most new parents. Exhausted by striving for the unattainable life balance, invariably you give the all-inclusive market ago, enticed by the children’s activities, multiple pools, restaurants, and other families, who you can share your pain with and if you’re lucky, your kids might bond with other children allowing some sort of downtime! There is definitely a place in the parenting process for all-inclusive holidays but there also comes a time when many parents want to broaden young minds, consider their own interests and try and find some common ground with their children. Drum roll please… enter Untravelled Paths’s first in a series of Family-friendly Experiences that are 100% catered towards families – so exploring but at a slower speed, ensuring daily children highlights, child-friendly meals and generally considering the little princesses/princes/terrors travelling with you! So have look through the array of child-friendly activities on offer in our new Family Transylvania Experiencence.

Therme Spa

Europe’s largest relaxation and entertainment centre, built green, a wellness concept for a modern lifestyle, dedicated to well-being. A botanical garden filled with orchids and palm trees complemented by mineral pools, waterslides, saunas and steam rooms. So there is plenty to do or not to do – whichever you prefer! On the trip, you visit on a Monday ensuring you avoid the weekend crowds.

Dracula’s Castle & Legend

No trip to Transylvania is complete without a visit the Bran Castle, more commonly known as Dracula’s Castle. And although the actual legend itself may be a little blood-thirsty for children the iconic cartoon image along with a castle that very much fits the part means that children still enjoy the visit. There is also a market with local produce and child-friendly activities.

The Libearty Bear Sanctuary

A favourite with children and adults alike, the Libearty Bear Sanctuary is home to over 100 bears who have been rescued from captivity, often in horrible conditions. The oak forest that covers the 70 hectares of the sanctuary provides a lovely environment for the bears to live out the remainder of their years. You’ll learn about the stories and the journey taken by the bears educating all who visit as to why wild animals should remain exactly that!

See Bears in the Wild at the Bear Hide

Seeing this magnificent creature is a magical experience, although might be a little lost on younger children as they have to be quiet and patient. However, it’s an ideal introduction to real wildlife for children who have shown interest or older children who might be interested – best to test with this rather than jumping in and taking them on safari!

Adventure Park Brasov

A real hit with the kids! This assault course up in the canopy of the forest is filled with 16 different routes with various levels of difficulty for all ages. There is also a zipline across the lake for older children and a cafe for snacks.

Beach Club & Pirate Ship

The new addition to Brukenthal Palace’s various highlights, the beach club is located just outside the palace grounds and offers not only a local beach club complete with a bar, two pools, a sandy beach and even a pirate ship! Needless to say, all of these are a big draw with children and the big children amongst us adults!

Upside Down House

A somewhat unusual concept but in the “insta” loving world we inhabit, it’s proved very popular with local and international tourists. It certainly affects your sense and takes a little getting your head around but it’s an easy visit from your hotel and it also has a good restaurant available for coffee, snacks or lunch.

Clay Castle Valley Of Fairies

A super cute collection of fairy houses that are unsurprisingly popular with the “insta” selfie brigade! However, it’s a good place to take children for a quick snack, run around and obligatory photos amongst the Fairy Houses! Easy visit from Brukenthal Palace and we recommend you avoid the weekends as it can get very busy.

Calendar Theme Park

This colourful theme park is a must if you have young children. The theme is based on the 12 months of the year, highlighting Romanian traditions. You’ll find plenty of different houses with children’s goodies, souvenirs, shows, playgrounds and a restaurant making for a lovely setting to keep young ones entertained. Again we avoid weekends due to the crowds.


The aim of most parents is to get their children away from the screens and out in the fresh air and this fabulous family break really delivers here, almost every activity is outdoors. For those in search of more of the great outdoors, there’s an easy day visit up the famous Transfagarasan, which Jeremy Clarkson referred to as the best road in the world, to Balea Lake which is in a basin surrounded by peaks creating an incredibly picturesque setting. For those who would rather remain less active, there is even a natural outdoor spa near Sibiu and for those looking for something a little more cultural, there is the Astra Museum which is the biggest outdoor museum in Europe.

So come join us on the Family Transylvania Experience and you’ll have the opportunity to experience as many or as few of the activities listed. All against the backdrop of Romania’s vibrant capital Bucharest, Brasov’s quaint and charming old town and of course Transylvania’s famed landscape. So if you’d like to see more or would like to book then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Written by James Chisnall