Top Five Places To Visit In Romania

With unique history, charming medieval towns and spectacular wildlife, Romania is an incredibly diverse country which should be on your bucket list. The country is made up of six regions which all offer something different, from the iconic Dracula Castle in Transylvania, medieval boulevards in Bucharest, the mesmerising ice hotel in Balea Lake and rural villages in Maramures; there will be something to discover throughout each season. If you’re planning a trip to Romania and are unsure where to start, read on to uncover the top five places you should add to your list.


The capital of Romania, Bucharest is one of the most affordable and safest cities to visit in Europe. With stunning and unique architecture, a walk around the city is the perfect way to explore and discover the boulevards that tell the history of the capital. Although travellers may be initially put off by a visit, once here, the bustling and vibrant city tends to surprise people. There is no better place to sample the unique Romanian cuisine than in the capital, from ciorba de burta (tripe soup) to sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls) and mămăligă (polenta), whether you have a savoury or sweet tooth, there will be plenty of hearty delicacies for you to try on your visit.

Town centre of Bucharest


The homeland of Dracula has been known to wow travellers with its natural beauty, the mix of culture and the greatest road in the world. Known as the last standing medieval landscape in Europe, Transylvania is the largest region and is based in the heart of Romania. Famously put on the map by Bram Stoker’s 1897 vampire novel, Bran Castle more commonly known as Dracula’s Castle overlooks the meandering meadows of the region while you unravel the secrets of the eerie corridors and deathly cold rooms.

Bran Castle/Draculas Castle in Transylvania

Being an incredibly historic region, you can climb aboard a traditional horse and cart to explore the breath-taking and historical villages, discovering these quaint places like a local. This region is simple, traditional and spiritual, with numerous tours to explore, it is certain you won’t tire of this astonishing place.

Balea Lake

Nestled in the Făgăraș Mountains in central Romania, Balea Lake is a stunning location that will take your breath away. Depending on your preference of activities will determine at which point of the year you’d like to visit, if you prefer to trek the incredible mountains then you’ll want to visit in the summer months but if you’d prefer a visit to the Ice Hotel, you’ll want to take a trip in the winter. In the summer you’ll drive the Transfagarasan to read Balea Lake, which has been described by Jeremy Clarkson as the ‘best road in the world’, with its twists and turns, making it a challenging road to drive. By winter the frozen lake is only accessible by cable car, giving you an unbelievable view over the snow-topped trees and travelling above the Transfagarasan.

Cable car travelling above Transfagarasan to Balea Lake

Danube Delta

Discover Europe’s largest wetland on an adventure to the Danube Delta, the place is an abundance of beauty and is perfect for the nature lover. Home to over 300 bird species, you are sure to set your eyes on cormorants, ibises and pelicans, as well as foxes, boars and wildcats. Tulcea is located at the tip of the three channels and is the perfect place to start your journey exploring what Delta has to offer. From Tulcea, you can decide which of the three routes you’d like to take; Chilia, Sulina or Sfântu Gheorghe, all of which can be explored by boat.

Boat sailing down Danube Delta


The north-western region of Maramures is a place full of old-traditions, rural culture and authentic architecture, the picturesque villages are identified by their wooden churches with tall spires, and incredible hand carved gates. You will have the opportunity to spend time with shepherds and craft your own jam from the freshly picked berries in the region if it’s a hands-on experience you’re after, a trip to the Maramures when visiting Romania is a must. This quaint region is best explored on foot or by bike, uncovering the fields and forests connecting the seven villages and live like a true local.

historical town of Maramures

Whether it’s Transylvania tours, the Ice Hotel experience or a voyage along the Danube Delta you’re after, you’ve come to the right place as we offer an abundance of different experiences for all types of adventurers, from hands-on to hands-off. Our experience itineraries have been crafted by our travel experts themselves who travelled the regions. If you’d like to know more about one of our experiences or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!