Untravelled Paths Top Winter Experiences

With summer fully over and as we move into winter it’s easy to hide away and hibernate during the long dark months, but why not embrace the chillier months this year and experience something new with us! So chuck on your winter jacket and read ahead for some of our favourite Untravelled Paths experiences that you can enjoy during these colder months.

The Ice Hotel Experience

Nestled between the icy peaks of the Fagaras Mountains and veiled by clouds, the remote Hotel stands 2000m above sea level and can only be accessed via cable car. Each winter, once the Balea Lake freezes over, the locals cut and drag blocks of the icy lake to the location of the hotel, which is set against a magnificent backdrop. Hand-carved by local craftsmen using traditional techniques, the frozen Balea Lake is transformed into the beautifully intricate structures of this Hotel, the theme of which changes each and every year. With beautifully lit bedrooms carved from ice, no two rooms are the same but will always feature ornately carved statues, and impressive sculptures. Although temperatures in the Ice Hotel typically waver between 2 and +2 degrees, guests find themselves enjoying a surprisingly cosy night’s sleep, particularly those who have indulged in a nightcap before bed. For a truly unforgettable experience, we highly recommend you opt in for the special four-course evening dinner served within the Ice Hotel. With glowing coloured lights, great music, ice tables and chairs, a stunning atmosphere, and food served on plates of ice, this is an original dining experience that you’ll not want to miss. If you’d like to book dinner in the Ice Hotel then let us know in advance along with any special dietary requirements you or your party may have. Save £50pp on selected dates throughout the season on our 4-night Ice Hotel Experience here or for the more adventurous travellers we have a 7-night Ice Hotel Ski Experience here.

The Transylvanian Husky Experience

Absorb some of Romania’s most picturesque medieval towns on a 4-night whirlwind adventure and enjoy an epic dog sledding experience in the heart of Transylvania. After one night in the vibrant capital city of Bucharest, guests are whisked away into the heart of the Transylvanian countryside, via the magnificent Peles Castle. In the morning you’ll be taken to the home of the huskies where your husky adventure will take place in the hilly area of Harghita Mountains. Once you get to know the ins and outs of Husky sledding, off you go with your new team of huskies. Then you’ll visit the UNESCO city of Sighisoara, the birthplace of the infamous Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula before continuing on to the stunning medieval town of Sibiu. Finally, it’s back to Bucharest, but not without a visit to the eerie Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. This experience is perfect for thrill-seekers and animal lovers alike! Enjoy £45pp off on our 4-night Transylvania Husky Experience on selected dates throughout January and February 2024.

The Iberian Lynx Experience

This one is for our wildlife lovers! Explore one of Spain’s most beautiful cities, with some of the country’s best tapas, and search for the elusive Iberian Lynx. This four-night adventure starts in the colorful Seville where you can get your fix of culture, architecture, and mouth-watering tapas before traveling to the Sierra de Andujar National Park where you will stay in a family-run guesthouse lodging based in the heart of the national park perfect for enjoying nature and searching for the elusive Iberian Lynx. The lush forests, diverse flora and fauna and rare species such as the Iberian lynx have found home here, protected by the numerous National Parks which make Andalucia one of the best-preserved regions in Spain. Spotting lynx can be something of a challenge but sightings over the winter period are high in the Sierra de Andujar nature reserveso with some patience, a little luck, and the expert help of our wildlife specialists you have every possibility of seeing this majestic creature. The full-day excursion starts around sunrise when you’ll head out into the Nature Reserve with a local expert, trying your luck at various watering holes and lynx-spotting hotspots for a sighting of the elusive cat. As is always the case the nature, nothing is guaranteed but there’s plenty of wildlife to be observed aside from lynx including rare endemic birds of prey like the Spanish imperial eagle and black vulture, as well as other mammals like wild boar and the rock-climbing Spanish ibex! Check out our 4-night Iberian Lynx Experience and save £60pp on our trip departing December 13th, 2023.

The Lapland Experience

Enjoy a winter like no other and feel the magic of Lapland! With the pristine blanket of white snow as far as the eye can see, and the dancing Aurora Borealis at night time, you’ll never forget your visit to this winter wonderland. Lapland is a breathtaking, fairytale setting with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained from saunas and hot tubs to husky sledding and a Traditional Lappish dinner with a plunge into an ice lake! Lapland land is renowned for its unusual quirky glass accommodation and on this trip you’ll get to stay in both a glass igloo and a glass box hotel offering the possibility of a truly magical night under the Northern Lights. Go in search of the remarkable “Aurora Borealis”, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. Should you be fortunate enough to see them, then what better way to watch them dancing across the winter sky but from the warmth of your own bed. Is watching the Northern Lights a bucketlist dream of yours? Depart March 20th and save £295pp on our 4-Night Lapland Experience!

The Sahara Desert Experience

Can’t bear to say goodbye to warm weather? Why not head to the Sahara Desert! With lovely mild weather throughout the winter months, the temperatures in Marrakech from the end of November to February are comfortable and perfect for exploring! The snow-dusted peaks of the High Atlas Mountains and the flaming red of the scorching desert create a backdrop of pure exoticism that will make you feel as though you’ve been pulled into a far-flung world forgotten by the clutches of time. Just make sure you come prepared for a serious case of sensory overload! Meander through the souks of Marrakesh in the late afternoon dodging donkey carts and mopeds that zig-zag through the crowds as you try your hand at haggling for that Aladdin-style silver lamp and those pointy-toed Babouche slippers. Make for the city’s lively main square just before dusk and watch the spectacle of Djeema el-Fnaa unravel before your eyes as darkness descends. Treat yourself to an invigorating hammam massage before enjoying a decadent dinner at one of Marrakech’s chic restaurants where pastries are glazed with syrupy orange blossom water and rich tagines are laced with cinnamon and served with spiced couscous. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh, you head to part of North Africa’s greatest mountain range, the Atlas Mountains. Offering a welcome respite from the madness and mayhem of Marrakech. Life here is slower and more relaxed filled with wild nature and rural spirit. Both the drive through the Atlas Mountains and the scenery overlooking this vast landscape from our handpicked luxury accommodations are a wonderful way to take in the outstanding natural beauty, peace, and tranquillity of the area. It’s truly an unforgettable experience! Save £85pp on our 4-night MINI Sahara Desert adventure on trips departing November 23rd and December 14th. For someone who wants a little more sunshine in their lives, we have a 7-night Sahara Desert adventure. Save £90pp on trips departing November 22nd and December 13th.

For any queries about the experiences mentioned above or any other experiences we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in contact at info@untravelledpaths.com.

Written by Lucy Kaufmann