• The Sahara Desert Experience
  • The Sahara Desert Experience
  • The Sahara Desert Experience
  • The Sahara Desert Experience
  • The Sahara Desert Experience

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from £799 per person. Book here or call us on 0207 101 4061. 

Experience the exotic with this unforgettable and magical trip. Starting and ending in magical Marrakech, guests make the journey through the wild Atlas Mountains, stopping to marvel at the clusters of authentic riads and Berber villages peppered along the road. A visit to one of Morocco’s finest kasbahs, the spectacular desert castle of Ait Benhaddou, is starkly contrasted with a stroll around the lush surroundings of the Skoura Oasis.

Take in the wild beauty of the stunning Todra Gorge before embarking on a ride to their Bivouac Berber tent buried in the depths of the desert. Take the trek on the back of a camel to the crown of the towering sand dunes just before sun sets. An utterly captivating sight set against the unparalleled backdrop of the swirling Sahara sands, witness the sun as it begins its descent, bathing the desert in colorful light before dark settles in. Make your way back to the camp where a traditional dinner is enjoyed under a blanket of stars. The next day, wind your way back through the Atlas Mountains.

End the trip in the delightful Ourika Valley taking in the mountain scenery that unravels before your eyes. Relax by the pool with a good book and a refreshing mint tea or enjoy a well-deserved hammam.

Prepare to be enchanted.



The Experience

Day 1: Arrival in Marrakech with an airport transfer to your boutique riad accommodation in the medina

Day 2: Day to your leisure in Marrakech. Explore the medina and get lost in the colorful maze-like souks.

Day 3: Morning transfer through the High Atlas Mountains on a journey to the Oasis of Skoura, stopping for lunch at a gorgeous mountainside Kasbah in the Atlas and visiting the spectacular Ait Benhaddou

Day 4: Journey through the Dades Valley to Erg Chebbi in the Sahara Desert with a visit to the Todra Gorge, 4×4 jeep ride through the desert to the Bivouac Berber Camp to enjoy the sunset camel ride and a traditional dinner under the Sahara stars

Day 5: Breakfast in the desert, then transfer back through the Draa Valley stopping for lunch at N’Kob, later travelling to the delightful I Rocha Kasbah in the Atlas Mountains

Day 6: Journey back through the Atlas Mountains to Ourika Valley. Arrive at the stunning Kashbah Bab Ourika by noon.

Day 7: Day at your leisure at Kashbah Bab Ourika.

Day 8: Transfer back to Marrakech Airport for your flight home.

Tell me more about:  The Locations  |  The Seasons  |  The Highlights  |  The Booking Process  |  The Availability



The Price

The price for this experience includes:

Includes   Transfers Airport pick-up and drop-off, all in-country 4×4 transfers

Includes   Accommodation 2 nights luxury riad accommodation in Marrakech with breakfast and mint tea, 1 night half board boutique accommodation in Skoura, 1 night half board boutique kasbah accommodation in Tisselday, 1 night in a Bivouac Berber tent in the Sahara Desert with traditional Berber breakfast and dinner, 2 nights accommodation at Kashbah Bab Ourika with breakfast

Includes   Activities Camel ride at sunset, Visit and entry to Ait Benhaddou, visit to Todra Gorge

Includes   Other The services of a bi-lingual guide, the Sahara Desert Experience booklet

Please Note: Our prices are based on two people sharing. For solo travellers, there is often a single supplement, please check the booking page of the experience for confirmation of the rates. For up-to-date prices, bookings and enquiries, please click here.



The Group

2 – 8 people.

Please note that the trip may not be suitable for very young children given journey times of longer than an hour, and possible disturbance to others travelling in the group. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can always tailor something specific to your needs.



The Alternatives

The Mini Sahara Experience: Short on time? Why won’t you check out our shorter, 4-night Mini Sahara Desert Experience?



The Gallery


The Country

The queen of diversity, Morocco represents a diverse and heady mix of cultures and scenery that are guaranteed to awaken your senses. With stunning mountains, buzzing cities and endless deserts, the country has so much to offer and seems to change with every visit. A fascinating melting pot of cultures and religion, you’ll be immersed in cultural influences from around the world, architectural marvels and tons of historical intrigue. Magical, mysterious and utterly captivating, if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and memories to treasure for years ahead then this is the place to come!



Anyone who is expecting modern sophistication and a tranquil paradise of calm is in for a shock. Marrakech is like no other place on earth, full of magic and mystery, mesmerising chaos and its own unique brand of unconventional beauty.

The snow-dusted peaks of the High Atlas Mountains and the flaming red of the scorching desert create a backdrop of pure exoticism that will make you feel as though you’ve been pulled into a far-flung world forgotten by the clutches of time. Just make sure you come prepared for a serious case of sensory overload!

Once the hub of camel caravans from the south, this bustling North African city still throbs with energy both day and night. A place where the air is infused with an exotic blend of burning incense, spices, soldered metal, leather and the sweet and woody scents of musk, rose and amber. Where the daily call to prayer echoes from the towering minarets that puncture the sky and struggles to be heard above the beeping cars and haggling street vendors.

A sprawling labyrinth of dusty alleyways makes up the kaleidoscopic souks that burst to the brim with all manner of treasures and trinkets from hanging lanterns and tribal handwoven rugs to pyramids of rainbow-coloured spices and raw silk scarves and sparkling silverware. Meander through the souks in the late afternoon dodging donkey carts and mopeds that zig-zag through the crowds as you try your hand at haggling for that Aladdin-style silver lamp and those pointy-toed Babouche slippers.

Make for the city’s lively main square just before dusk and watch the spectacle of Djeema el-Fnaa unravel before your eyes as darkness descends. You’ve no choice but to delve straight into the thick of it, perhaps pausing to snack on pigeon pie and roasted snails atone of the dozens of food stalls that fire up their kitchens with charcoal smoke and vie for your attention amidst snake charmers, tooth pullers and zealous acrobats.

Of course, the hectic madness of the medina is balanced perfectly with the oasis of peace and stylish sophistication of your riad where babbling water, rose petals and candlelit lanterns prevail. Treat yourself to an invigorating hammam massage before enjoying a decadent dinner at one of Marrakech’s chic restaurants where pastries are glazed with syrupy orange blossom water and rich tagines are laced with cinnamon and served with spiced couscous.

We dare you not to fall head over heads in love with spellbinding Marrakech.

Accommodation in Marrakech:

Includes Riad Dar One

Includes Riad Azzar

Includes Riad Al Massarah

Please Note: Accommodation will be allocated by Untravelled Paths subject to availability. In the event there is no availability we will use alternative accommodation of similar standard and quality.



Skoura Oasis

Unassuming at first, the Skoura palm grove offers well deserved peace and relaxation at the end of a long day. Your kashbah-style accommodation will provide intimacy, so it won’t be hard to kick back and relax. Stroll around the gardens, catch up with a good book by the pool or enjoy a game of cards with a beer on one of the delightful terraces overlooking the oasis.

Accommodation in Skoura:

Includes Sawadi

Includes Les Jardins de Skoura

Please Note: Accommodation will be allocated by Untravelled Paths subject to availability. In the event there is no availability we will use alternative accommodation of similar standard and quality.



Sahara Desert

Measuring up at around 9 million square kilometres, the Sahara Desert stretches across North Africa and earns its title as the the world’s largest desert. To put that into perspective, the area roughly equates to the size of the United States of America!

But any perception of size, space and even time here evaporates immediately in the endlessly dramatic and desolate landscape. What begins as lush green mountains on the journey down to the Sahara sweeps into rusty orange canyons and arid red gorges set against a sapphire sky before all turns to golden sand. A multitude of sand dunes roll towards the horizon against the unparalleled backdrop of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and swirling Sahara sands.

In the evening, the desert really comes into its own. A night spent at the Sahara Desert Camp in your own Bivouac tent provides a magical experience that’ll be etched in your memory forever more. Tuck into a traditional Berber dinner and curl up near the campfire under a blanket of twinkling stars breathing in crisp, clean air. Then prepare to make the trek on the back of a camel to the crown of the towering sand dunes the next morning where you’ll witness the sun as it begins its ascent, bathing the desert in warm sunlight.

Could this be one of the most magical places on earth?

Accommodation in the Sahara Desert:

Includes Auberge Merzouga Berber Camp

Please Note: Accommodation will be allocated by Untravelled Paths subject to availability. In the event there is no availability we will use alternative accommodation of similar standard and quality.


The Atlas Mountains

Part of North Africa’s greatest mountain range, the Atlas Mountains offer a welcome respite from the madness and mayhem of Marrakech. Life here is slower and more relaxed filled with wild nature and rural spirit.

However, it’s the outstanding landscape that keeps us returning to the High Atlas. It’s ever-changing too with snow-dusted mountain peaks looming over deep green valleys dotted with clusters of walnut groves and Berber villages that nestle into the nooks and curves of clear mountain rivers. In springtime, almond blossom carpets the vast landscape and there’s even enough winter snow for skiing.

Both the drive through the Atlas Mountains and the scenery overlooking this vast landscape from our handpicked luxury accommodations are a wonderful way to take in the outstanding natural beauty, peace and tranquillity of the area.

The Berbers often refer to the High Atlas as ‘The Mountain of Mountains’, which pretty much sums up the overwhelming experience you’ll have both staying at one of our chosen luxury kasbahs and driving through to the Sahara Desert.

Pure brilliance.

Accommodation in the Atlas Mountains:

Includes I Rocha

Includes Kashbah Bab Ourika

Please Note: Accommodation will be allocated by Untravelled Paths subject to availability. In the event there is no availability we will use alternative accommodation of similar standard and quality.

Tell me more about:  The Itinerary  |  The Seasons  |  The Highlights  |  The Booking Process  |  The Availability


The Season

Summers and winters in Morocco are extreme, which is why we recommend visiting when the temperatures are milder and the weather is more pleasant. Spring and autumn in Morocco are beautiful with warm sunshine, clear blue skies and lush greenery all around. Don’t be fooled by the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains though, the sun is still very powerful so sun cream is a must. The heat of the Sahara Desert can also be deceptive with scorching hot days and some pretty chilly nights.

The Sahara Desert Experience doesn’t run in the peak months of summer (July and August) because the temperatures soar spectacularly, in excess of 50 degrees making the trip down to the desert incredibly sticky and uncomfortable. Other than that, the rest of the year is pleasant with marginal differences in temperature between each month. See below for more information.

October & November: Autumn is a great time to visit Morocco if you’re looking to catch a good dose of sunshine. Just coming out of summer, the temperatures are warmer and a lot more bearable compared to the height of summer particularly in Marrakech and in the Sahara Desert during the daytime.

December & January: With lovely mild weather throughout the winter months, the temperatures in Marrakech from the end of November to February are comfortable and there’s plenty of snow topping the Atlas Mountains making the scenery even more photogenic than usual. That said, evenings in the Sahara Desert often drop drastically so layers are crucial.

February & March: February and March are lovely times to visit Morocco and the Sahara Desert as the temperatures are mild. However, the weather can be a little inconsistent so sunshine is not necessarily guaranteed throughout the trip. The snow on the mountains though does provide a stunning and hugely contrasting backdrop to your journey through to the Sahara Desert.

April, May & June: As is the case with the weather in October, April, May & June bring with it much higher temperatures in the run-up to summer making it ideal for those hankering after some sunshine. The weather is milder in April than it is in May and June.



The Duration & The Calendar

The Sahara Desert Experience takes place over seven nights and eight days and typically commences every Wednesday during the season. However, the arrival and departure times of your chosen flights may well affect the exact duration of your stay. Many use the flexibility of booking their own flights to add an additional night or two (or three) in Marrakech at the beginning and/or end of the experience to make the very most of their time in Morocco.

For those looking for a shorter break, the Mini Sahara Desert Experience might be more appropriate as it only spans over 4 nights.

The calendar on the BOOK NOW page exactly when the Sahara Desert Experience trips are available throughout the season. As well as displaying which trip dates are fully booked or available, the calendar also highlights specific dates that have been discounted or are on special offer. Click here to see available rates on our calendar.

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The Highlights

There are hundreds of reasons why we think you would fall head over heels in love with the Sahara Desert Experience but here are a few of our personal trip highlights to help persuade you…

The Night Under The Stars: Twinkling with magic at every twist and turn, the Sahara Desert is utterly breathtaking. Mountainous landscape sweeps into rusty orange canyons and arid red gorges set against a cerulean sky. Lush green oases, ancient fortresses and luxurious kasbahs pepper the rolling countryside before all turns to golden sand. Venture deep into the heart of the desert and sleeping under the stars in traditional Bedouin tents is such a magical experience that it’ll be etched in your memory forever more.

The Desert Sunset: The journey up to the towering sand dunes on the back of a camel is a wonderful lead up to the main event. Perched on a magic carpet you’ll watch the golden sun set under the horizon casting its final blushing pink, glowing orange and bright blue lighting up over the desert dunes. Simply glorious.

The Magic & Mayhem of Marrakech: Once the hub of camel caravans from the south, Marrakech has been transformed into a destination hotspot for travellers far and wide. Yet the city strongly retains its exotic and magical qualities from the buzzing souks awash with rainbow colours to the old-age storytellers and snake charmers that pepper the market square. Marrakech represents a veritable feast for the senses that boasts tradition and modernity in equal measure. Mystery and magic bundled into one. We just love the thrill of bartering in the souks!

The Atlas Mountains Road Trip: Part of North Africa’s greatest mountain range, the Atlas Mountains are truly an inspiration to behold. Snow-dusted mountain peaks loom over deep green valleys dotted with clusters of Berber villages that nestle into the nooks and curves of clear mountain rivers. Both the drive through the Atlas Mountains and the scenery overlooking this vast landscape from our handpicked luxury accommodations are a wonderful way to take in the outstanding natural beauty, peace and tranquillity of the area. Pure brilliance.

Tell me more about:  The Itinerary  | The Locations  | The Seasons  |  The Booking Process  |  The Availability



The Grapevine

Don’t just take our word for it… have a read through the 5* reviews our past guests have left on Facebook and Trustpilot.



The Booking Process

So you’ve found the perfect experience for you… what happens next? Just follow the steps below…

Includes Enquiry form: Once you’ve chosen the dates you’d like to travel on using our availability calendar all you need to do is head over to the booking page and fill in the enquiry form.

Includes Confirmation: We will get back to you within 24 hours answering any questions you might have and confirming availability. If all is good, we can hold the places for you for 48 hours while you book your flights. Please note that this stage does not represent a guarantee of the booking. 

Includes Booking form: Once you have booked your flights, we will send you a booking form you will need to fill in with your details, flights and other relevant information.

Includes Payment: As you fill in the booking form, you will also be asked to make the payment through a secure link; if you are travelling in less than 6 weeks, the payment will be paid in full, otherwise only a 25% deposit will be taken. The outstanding balance is then taken 6 weeks before travelling. Please note deposit is non-refundable. The balance will only be refundable if you cancel with more than 6 weeks in advance. More information about the cancellation policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Includes Final confirmation: Shortly after you paid, you will receive a confirmation invoice, followed by a personalized itinerary and digital booklet. All you need to do now is write the dates in your diary, prepare your packing list and look forward to your next adventure!



The Flights

As a tour operator we are not able to offer inclusive flights as part of our experiences however we are more than happy to help you find the most appropriate incoming and outgoing flights for you. We highly recommend using Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. 

Includes London Stansted                      Includes Manchester

Includes London Gatwick                       Includes Glasgow     

Includes London Luton                           Includes Dublin

Includes Birmingham                               For other airports click here

Your airport transfers are 100% flexible allowing you the freedom to arrive and depart at any time you choose on the arrival/departure date whether that be at 6am in the morning or 11pm at night.

For those wanting to book additional nights at the beginning or end of the trip please note that your airport pick-up and drop-off will still be included provided that you book your accommodation for the extra nights directly through us. If not you will need to organise your own transfers to and from the airport. Please contact us if you need advice or assistance.

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The Personality

This experience is suitable for all ages and tastes and is particularly relevant for anyone looking for a long weekend of romance and magic. It also matches with the below travel personalities and groups:

Includes The Romantic

Includes The Free Spirit

Includes The Explorer

Includes The Adventurer

Includes The Box Ticker



The Group

The Sahara Desert Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sleep under the Sahara stars suited to all types of groups especially the old romantics among you! More information is detailed below.

Includes The Couple

Includes The Honeymooners

Tell me more about:  The Itinerary  | The Locations  | The Seasons  |  The Highlights  | The Booking Process  |  The Availability


The Enquiry Form

If you’d like to learn more about this experience, you’d like to check availability and prices or you have questions that need answering simply fill out the form below with all the required details using the calendar to let us know which dates you’re interested in. Once submitted, we will get back to you with confirmation and/or next steps within 24 hours.

Single Supplement: Our prices are based on people sharing, for solo travellers there is a £35 single supplement per night (£245 total for the experience).

Extra Nights: If you wish we can also organise extra nights at either end of your trip for you. For the extra nights organised through us, the airport transfer will still be included.

Special offers are highlighted in orange.

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£994 per person

£799 per person

Fully Booked


Out of Season

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