Beautiful Bosnia & Herzegovina

With the new release of our Mini Bosnia Experience due soon we thought we’d put together 16 stunning images that will make you want to come and explore Bosnia & Herzegovina as soon as possible! It’s a truly undiscovered gem of the Balkans with so much natural beauty and fascinating history. Enjoy!

The stunning Kravice Waterfall
Blagaj Tekija is a 600-years-old Dervish monastery outside Mostar
Baščaršija, the Ottoman bazaar in Sarajevo where copper and brass souvenirs are crafted using special techniques passed down through generations
The Neretva River winding through the old UNESCO-listed Mostar bridge
White Water Rafting on the Una River
Latin Bridge in Sarajevo, where the assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand took place in on the 28th June 1914 sparking the start of the First World War
The meandering Vrbas River
Once a symbol of the 1984 Winter Olympics, the now abandoned bobsleigh and luge track was used as an artillery position for the Bosnian Serb forces
A frosty morning on the Sana River
Local women celebrating with traditional dancing
An eery and harrowing reminder of the the Siege of Sarajevo
The picturesque city of Trebinje
Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich with beautiful rural countryside
Sarajevo central old town on a winter’s night
Beautiful winter morning near Livno
The Tjentiste War Memorial

Written by James Chisnall, Untravelled Paths

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