Buying Flights When the Price is Right

Have you ever sat there having found the flights that you want, but with this nagging feeling you are overpaying? You’re just not brave enough to roll the dice, to wait a little longer to see if the price will go down as you’re afraid it might or do the opposite, or even worse, the flight will run out of availability. If that sounds familiar, then we just might have the app for you. Hopper is an awesome travel app which allows you to get the best possible value from your travel arrangements. It watches billions of hotel and flight prices a day to predict the right time to book.

For flights, the app even offers you the option to freeze the price, albeit for a small deposit of £33, which gives you 5 days to book the flight at that guaranteed price. However if the price drops during that time you’ll be given the revised, cheaper price. Hopper also allows you the option of watching flights and will alert you should there be a change in price ensuring you never miss out of a bargain price. Another aspect of the app that we really like and is perfect for those who are always filled with wanderlust is the Deals Feed which shows you the cheapest flights from your city to anywhere and shows you the saving they estimate you are making – super cool!

In addition to flights, the app also has a similar hotel search filter which allows you to monitor the prices of multiple hotels to ensure you get the best price and car rental comparison search engine but for us, the real genius of Hopper is the flight price recommendations which can save you up to 40%. With many of us desperate for an adventure once all the craziness of the pandemic has passed, we’ll be using Hopper to ensure we get the best value from our flights, we highly recommend you do the same.

Written by James Chisnall, Untravelled Paths

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