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Almost 10 years from its original air date, Wild Carpathia returns to the screens. This time, in the form of four promotional videos showcasing the highlights of Romania.

The series premiered in 2011 on Travel Channel International and was a three-part documentary produced and presented by Charlie Ottley. The focus was on the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, from the sceneries and fauna to the rich cultural heritage.

The purpose of the 2020 campaign is to emphasize the beauty of Romania as a destination in a post-pandemic world. The four shorts, two one-minute features and two 30-second clips have run on BBC World News over the month of June.

Let’s watch them below, shall we?

The first video in the series acts as an impulse to get inspired to discover the world around again. It’s time to reconnect with nature, build new dreams, and be better. As the world has stopped for a few months, it is now time to look towards the future and make new memories.

Its 30-second counterpart follows the same pattern. The inspirational video is complemented with beautiful shots of Romania’s nature and people, offering a glimpse of the past while looking forward to the future.

With Charlie Ottley reciting his “A time to dream” poem in the background, the third video takes the viewer on a spiritual journey. From the forests of the Carpathians to the castles trapped in time, the clip captures the essence of Romania.

Lastly, the final video is a nod to Romania’s diversity. With landscapes ranging from the tallest peaks to the sea, and traditions for every different region, visiting Romania is a surprise with every step.

The series’ recurrent message is to cherish the past and embrace the future. Capturing the best of the best, the four videos are only a sneak peek into the sheer natural beauty and rich heritage Romania has to offer. And if you’re feeling inspired, check out our Romania experiences here.

Written by Oana Moldovan, Untravelled Paths

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