Our Top 10 Unusual Accommodation

At Untravelled Paths, we pride ourselves in adding a sprinkling of something different to our experiences. Whether it’s once in a lifetime activities, learning something local or staying somewhere new, it’s all quirky and unusual. So we’ve taken the time to list the most unique places to lay your head down on our experiences. How many have you experienced?

01. Hotel of Ice – Romania

No list of unusual accommodation would be complete without the presence of an Ice Hotel. Our favourite is the Hotel of Ice nestled amongst the peaks of the Carpathian mountains at over 2000 metres. Truly spectacular! If you are interested in staying in an Ice Hotel then check out our Ice Hotel Experience.

02. Glass Accommodation – Finland

A real crowd pleaser and on almost everyone’s list. What’s not to love, lying in bed, possibly with that special someone, under the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis and glittering stars? Not sure it gets any more romantic than that. If you’d like to hear more about Glass Accommodation, check out our Lapland Experience.

03. Amazon Lodge – Colombia

Deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle in Colombia is a small, unique property that allows you to truly experience the jungle but in relative comfort. Canaloa Lodge has several “wall-less” rooms which instead have very steady, mosquito, and insect-proof firm netting to keep you safe. They are each positioned to ensure your privacy is never compromised. At the same time, they allow you to truly hear the night time spine-tingling sounds of the jungle. If you’d like to visit the Amazon and stay in this wonderful accommodation then have a look at our Colombia Experience.

04. Bivouac tents – Morocco

A sunset camel ride over the sand dunes, followed by dinner under the stars around the campfire before bed? If you like the sound of that, then you’ll love our magical Sahara Desert adventures in Morocco. So, if you’re eager to “awaken your senses” then have a look at our 4 Night Mini Sahara or 7 Night Sahara Experiences. For those who want to see it all, then our epic 14 Night Morocco Experience should do the trick.

05. Cave Hotels – Italy & Turkey

Unique, chic and literally very cool! Not only is cave accommodation an original idea for an overnight stay but it’s also a really good way to keep the temperature down in the searing heat. Our ancestors can attest! If you want to stay in a Cave Hotel, then you’ll get the opportunity on our Hot Air Balloon Experience in Cappadocia, Turkey, or our Dolce Vita Experience in Matera, Italy.

06. Ethno Villages – Montenegro & Slovenia

Beauty is not only in the surrounding scenery but also in the simplicity of the location. The wooden huts of Ethno villages can be a little on the basic side but they are always cosy. The location always makes up for that, too! Authentic home-cooked traditional meals rich in flavour and the opportunity to see how the local rural people live make this a memorable and rewarding experience. If you are interested in staying in a rural Ethno village, then you’ll have the opportunity on both our Montenegro and Slovenia Experiences.

07. Trappers Station – Norway

This old outpost is on the outskirts of Longyearbyen, offering the perfect opportunity to catch the Northern Lights. The traditional station consists of several wooden teepees used for sleeping, giving you a glimpse into how the old trappers used to live. The accommodation is basic, but with the cosy sleeping bags, warm fire, and the promise of the Lights showing up, it’s all worth it. If you want to experience it, check out our Northern Lights trip.

08. Trulli – Italy

The trulli houses of Alberobello are indeed magical. These conical buildings are made out of limestone blocks and pepper the entire Itria Valley. Inside, you will find cosy bedrooms, fitted with all the modern amenities. And as with the cave accommodation, they keep cool during the summer months. The trulli accommodation is part of our Dolce Vita Experience.

09. Tribal Villages – Ethiopia

The Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia is home to many extraordinary tribes who live a life so far removed from our own it’s impossible to compare. It’s a whole different world but this is what makes learning about the way they live so fascinating. When visiting the Omo Valley, our guests spend the night in simple but modernised “beehive” accommodation. For those who want to immerse themselves in an authentic experience, there is the option to trade a night in your hotel for a night sleeping in a Hamer tribe village amongst the tribe. Now that is truly unique and unforgettable. If that sounds like something that would excite you, then have a look at our Ethiopia and Extreme Ethiopia Experiences.

10. Gulet boats – Turkey

It is due to be released later this year, with travel dates for 2025. We do promise it’s worth the wait! Nothing quite beats sailing on the Mediterranean sea soaking in the sun and eating delicious fresh seafood. Your very own crew will ensure you have nothing to do but relax and unwind – bliss! So keep a lookout for this fabulous experience.

Written by James Chisnall, Untravelled Paths

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