Places to fly in August for under £60

August is a notoriously expensive month to take a holiday, and while you’re more or less guaranteed amazing weather, the price can definitely put a dampener on things! We hopped on our favourite go-to cheap flight website Skyscanner in search of the best flight deals out there and found 5 sizzling destinations to visit this august without having to remortgage your house. Read on for the best cheap places to go on holiday in August and swap your staycation for a European getaway!

Bari, Italy

While the region of Puglia is still a relatively undiscovered gem for international tourists in Italy, Bari’s popularity is on the rise. Luckily for us travellers, this means it is currently sitting in the perfect balance between being cheap, off-the-grid location, yet still having incredible tourist attractions. Puglia is renowned for its fresh food and fruity wine in a country famous for its food. It produces much of the country’s pasta and over half of Italy’s olive oil. So loosen your belt strap and sample some of Italy’s best food on a budget! August can be the busiest tourist month in Bari but with return flights this cheap you’d be silly not to book!

Return flights start from £42 return

Bucharest, Romania £51

Spring near the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania

Romania is a cheap country to visit in general and the capital, Bucharest is no different. Enjoy the vibrant city, rich in culture, nightlife, and beauty without worrying about your wallet! If Bucharest excites you as an alternative option of cheap places to go on holiday in August, why not extend your trip and explore the beautiful Romanian countryside? The infamous Transylvania, home of Dracula’s castle, sits on the mountains north of Bucharest, and the abundance of untouched wilderness offers you the chance of seeing the mighty Brown Bear in the depths of Transylvania’s forests.

Return flights start from £51 return

Berlin, Germany

The uber-cool city of Berlin is a sprawling metropolis with an exceptional range of historic sites, vibrant culture, and distinctive neighborhoods filled with local and world cuisines. Compared to other popular and expensive European cities, Berlin is a destination travellers can enjoy on a budget. The city is incredibly bike-friendly so skip the public transport and rent a bike instead to visit Berlin’s must-see attractions!

Return flights start from £36 return

Malaga, Spain

View Over Malaga

With it being the gateway to Andalusia, people flying into Malaga are lucky to have so much on their doorstep, making it the perfect destination for all types of holidaymakers! With transportation being relatively cheap once you get there, it’s easy to explore on a budget. Beachgoers should take a day trip out to the coastal town of Nerja, where you can enjoy a swim in the sea followed by cheap tapas at the numerous bars dotted around the town. If you fancy travelling further afield, the old Moorish city of Granada is just a bus ride away.

Return flights start from £59 return

Helsinki, Finland

Having been voted the happiest country in the world for the 5th year, Finland’s Helsinki should definitely be on everyone’s travel list. It’s also incredibly safe, making it a perfect place to go as a female solo traveller. It may not be the cheapest destination once you’re there compared to the other places listed but its beauty and uniqueness are worth a visit. It’s also a super easy city to explore with most things within walking distance, saving you money on transportation! So throw away the map, explore the parks, shops, and cafes, and take your time enjoying the city. 

Return flights start from £41 return

Now we’ve inspired you with cheap places to go on holiday in August, all that’s left to do now is book!

Written by Lucy Kaufmann, Untravelled Paths