Someone Different: Introducing Lucy

Here is a long overdue introduction of Lucy, we’ve been so rushed off our feet as we re-build the business and managed the increased appetite for travel since the lockdowns and travel restrictions have been lifted. Lucy actually joined us in April 2022 and she oversees the marketing side of the business and also helps out wherever needed. As we have some old faces and some new faces joining us real soon we wanted to let you all know about the latest addition to our small but mighty team so we put a few questions to her and here is what she had to say!

What kick-started your love of travel?

I vividly remember being on a school trip when I was little and seeing a photo of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and being completely mesmerized by it. The way the roots snaked their way around the temples looked completely out of this world and like nothing you could find in the UK. I held on to that memory and always said one day I will visit there… I still haven’t been BUT it did inspire me to get out there and see what other wonders I could find!

How did you end up joining Untravelled Paths?

I actually went on a press trip to Transylvania with Untravelled Paths for my old job back in 2017. My initial thought was why are we going to Romania? Is Transylvania even a real place? What is even there? The whole trip blew me away from start to finish. I couldn’t believe how beautiful this part of the world really was! It really is a true hidden gem and I still to this day tell everyone about it. Fast forward to January 2022, I had just lost my job working at a jigsaw puzzle company due to the pandemic – it was right before my 30th birthday (how tragic!) when James reached out with an opportunity to join the team! Obviously, I jumped at the offer right away and here we are! I feel so incredibly lucky to of been given a chance to work at such an interesting company and I’m excited about the future for both myself and the team. You can watch the video we created here. It might just inspire your next trip!

What did you want to be when you grew up and is it similar to what you do now?

I was a bit of a weird kid growing up and was fascinated by reptiles, insects and bats! So naturally, my future job growing up was working in the bat cave at Chester Zoo one day. I was OBSESSED with bats when I was little and the thought of working there and interacting with them was such a dream. I love animals and nature and always hoped I’d end up doing something that involved them somehow but honestly, working in the travel industry has been my ultimate life goal for the past few years and I finally made it.

Keeping with the animal theme, are you team cat or team dog?

I grew up with cats, I love how weird they are and how independent they can be but I always wished for a dog too but the timing was never right. Last year my boyfriend and I welcomed home a little puppy called Whiskey, it sounds so cliche but he’s honestly changed my life so much! He gave me a purpose when I felt so lost and he’s the perfect hot water bottle in winter. But to answer your question, I’d have to say both!

How has travel changed you throughout the years?

I grew up with crippling anxiety that affected pretty much every aspect of my life and stopped me from pursuing things I was interested in. When I turned 21 I decided I was done living in my small-town bubble and booked a one-way ticket to Canada. When you travel, especially when alone you are forced into uncomfortable situations that I would usually have avoided back at home… having to make new friends, finding a job, somewhere to live, etc. For the next 2.5 years, I nervously navigated my way through life and grew so much in confidence. I went from barely coping with the smallest of tasks to successfully living in a completely different city in a completely different country and managed to make some amazing friends and even more amazing memories! I even got my very own surprise leaving party which was the sweetest thing ever.

Tell us what is your favourite destination and why?

It’s a toss-up between Vancouver and Lisbon. Vancouver because it helped shape who I am today and it’s absolutely stunning and Lisbon because it was the first trip I took with my boyfriend where we completely fell in love with the city… and each other (awww!) I highly recommend both places to everyone I meet.

What have you tried on your travels that you’ll never try again?

Skydiving! I’m not the best with heights but for my 25th birthday I booked myself in to skydive in Auckland as a sort of bucket list thing. It was hands down the scariest thing I’ve ever done and I got really bad motion sickness and nearly fainted when we landed… Not cool! I then had to do it all over again for a video I was filming in Queenstown and while it was absolutely stunning falling from the sky over the snowcapped mountains I still ended up with really bad motion sickness and feeling faint. I’m so grateful I got to do it (twice) in such a beautiful part of the world but I’ll stick to ground-based activities from now on…

You can take one possession on a desert island, what would it be?

A magic water bottle that is constantly full. I never go anywhere without my water bottle. At this point, I’d class it as an extra limb.

You seem to be very passionate about water… What else are you passionate about?

Sustainability and preserving the environment. There seems to be such a rush right now to conquer Mars but I don’t understand why when we have such a beautiful planet here? Why not focus all that energy and money on preserving what we already have? I’m currently doing a degree in environmental studies and so naturally wanted to find out a way to make this company as eco-conscious as possible. While travel isn’t the most friendly thing for the planet, we’ve teamed up with World Land Trust which plants a tree every time we get a booking!

Lastly, what do you enjoy the most about your job?

I’m learning so much through this job, I didn’t do the whole college, or university thing so I’ve never felt qualified enough to deserve such a good job so I’m just so thankful for this opportunity given to me and the constant learning and growing. I love researching countries and finding out about all of these weird and wonderful destinations and how each day is different to the last.

We’ve heard what Lucy has had to say, but what does her boss say about her?

Lucy is a pleasure to work with, she’s upbeat and brings a youthful enthusiasm to the team which is very much in contrast to her grumpy old boss! She knows everything social media which helps us keep in touch with those that have travelled with us before and those that are contemplating joining us on the next adventure. What she lacks in experience and to an extent confidence she more than makes up for in tenacity, she’s a rough diamond but I believe, a bright future, so I look forward to seeing her shine brighter and brighter as she grows along with Untravelled Paths and the rest of the team!

Written by Lucy Kaufmann and James Chisnall