Dubrovnik-Untravelled Paths

What to do with a Day in Dubrovnik

Soaking in the sun for over two-thirds of the year, Dubrovnik is always a pleasure to visit. And whether you’re a regular visitor or exploring the beautiful cobbled streets of its old town for the first time you’ll always feel a sense of wonder as you navigate through its narrow streets. It has both the evidence of its real past in the form of fresh reconstruction that was required after its attacked in 1991 as well plenty of parts that Game of Throwns fans will recognise as Kings Landing, the make believe setting from the series. Below we take a look at what to do and where to eat and drink if you want yourselves in this uniquely stunning place.

Explore the Old Town

Stroll around Dubrovnik’s Old Town cobbled streets and marvel at its beauty. Wonder through the shiny Stradun which has been polished by the volume of people walking it daily – what your step though, it’s slippy! Be sure to visit the Cathedral and city gates.

Walk the Wall

Possibly the best vantage point to see Dubrovnik is by walking the old town wall. It will give you an idea of the layout of the old town. A full circuit of the wall is just under 2000 metres but there are various points where you can exit should you wish. Entry costs 50 kn which is about £5-6.

Ride the Dubrovnik Cable Car

Obviously one of the more touristy things to do, however, the views it offers of the Old Town and the surrounds are unparalleled. It’s not cheap though at 200 kn return which is about £11, however, you walk up/down which takes 1.5 hours up and 1 hour down.

Relax on a nearby Beach

If you have more time or have visited Dubrovnik before you may wish to relax and catch some rays. Banje Beach is the most convenient but during peak periods it’s unbearably busy. We recommend Sveti Jakov Beach which is 25 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride from the Old Town.


With two locations, by the Ploče Gate and in the Old Town, Cogito Coffee, is ideal for a break. Both with a few stools and benches, making for a great little spot with coffee from East Africa. For those looking for a proper local hangout, Pupica has an authentic Old Town vibe with a small grocery store. Pair your caffe latte with delicious, flavour-filled homemade cake.


This is a family-owned traditional but unique Croatian restaurant located in Bošković Square making it ideal for a long lunch or a romantic dinner. Kopun presents authentic local cuisine using the best old school recipes. The flavourful signature kopun is recommended, along with šporki makaruli which is homemade pasts with beef, cinnamon and red wine sauce.


This small but charming eatery serves a small menu but with all the food you should try on a visit to Dubrovnik. Try the delicious pašticada which is a slow-cooked stewed beef with smoked bacon, cloves and cinnamon. The Busaza style mussels in a homemade tomato and white wine sauce are also incredibly tasty. Given the size Moskar, we advise booking.


Carved into a stone cliff, Beach Bar Dodo offers access to crystal-clear waters, a beach and incredible sunset views making it the ideal place for sundowners. Alternatively for those wishing to sample some of Croatia’s best wines, D’vino, is the place to go. Offering wine tastings as well as nibbles which creates a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

If you want to visit Dubrovnik you’ll have the opportunity to on our 4-night Mini Bosnia Experience or you could tag a night onto any of our Montenegro Experiences, both countries of which are both well worth visiting. For further information please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Written by James Chisnall