The Best Travel Apps of 2022

Even the most experienced world explorers can find travel to be stressful, and with the number of travel apps available, it can add more unwanted stress to the situation. From easy flight bookings to offline maps, we’ve rounded up our favourite travel apps that no phone should be without, to help you be the best digital-savvy traveler out there.

Trail Wallet

We’ve all been there, arrived at a destination, got carried away spending your holiday money, and before you know it, you’re left with €10 to last the rest of the trip.. Trail Wallet is a straightforward travel expense tracker You can organize your expenses by trip or by month, set a daily budget, and easily add expenses. When you get a bill or receipt, pull out your iPhone, add the amount using the Quick Add screen and you’re done! Designed to be fast, it takes the headache out of expense tracking so you can focus on the fun.


When looking for cheap flights, my go-to is Skyscanner. This easy-to-use app searches millions of flights from over 1,200 sources and then gives you the best option, whether it be the cheapest route or the easiest. I particularly like the notification option where you will be alerted of price changes to help ensure you get the best deal.


The FlightAware app allows you to track flights online, see a live map of a flight and check on delays, cancellations, and gate changes. This app is especially helpful in putting your mind at ease if you have a tight connection with the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. It’s also useful when picking friends and family up at the airport. You can track their flight and see updated landing times or delays.

XE Currency Converter

The XE Currency Converter app quickly provides live, up-to-the-minute currency rates, then allows you to store and view them even when you’re offline. You’ll never need to wonder again if you’re really getting a good deal in another country. XE is the go-to site for currency conversions on the web, so it’s no surprise that its app is so popular: with over 20 million downloads since launch.  It also functions offline by saving the last updated rates, which is great if you’re in a place with limited connectivity or trying to save on data.


This app is essential when visiting a new place with limited signal. Maps.me enables you to download maps all over the world ahead of your travels which you can then use offline once you’re there. Helping you avoid getting lost. I’ve used this app many times when I haven’t been familiar with my surroundings, It’s the best offline map I’ve used so far and has got me out of some sketchy situations while traveling!


If you need to access the internet during your travels, chances are you’ll have to connect to public Wi-Fi, which can be risky. TunnelBear allows you to connect privately and securely by providing you a VPN ( virtual private network) that will encrypt your browsing data to keep your information hidden from hackers and advertisers, so you can surf the web abroad without any worries!

Written by Lucy Kaufmann, Untravelled Paths