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48 Hours in Tbilisi, Georgia


Easter is a religious holiday that is observed in countries all across the world. Many countries have developed their own Easter customs, whether this is selling chocolate as we do here in the

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Having been originally established in 1995, the Schengen Area is a term used to refer to countries that have abolished passport control and other forms of border control at their mutual borders. Although

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The captivating capital of Slovenia, located at the very centre of the country, Ljubljana is a city that revels in artistic and theatrical events and festivals. Part of the reason for the vibrant

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If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know how much we love Ethiopia. The sights, sounds and smells come together to form a powerful combination which is hard to resist. Visiting Ethiopia isn’t

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Although we are capable of many amazing things here at Untravelled Paths – such as offering you the chance to see Dracula’s Castle in Romania – accurately predicting the future is not one

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