Established in 2008, Untravelled Paths has brought an innovative and fresh approach to the travel industry. We are a small team but what we lack in manpower we more than make up for in enthusiasm, passion, personal service and genuine care, which is why all our experiences are filled with moments which we hope you’ll always remember. We are bonded through our partner’s Fixers and all our guest’s holidays are insured by Travel Vault so you are fully protected in the unlikely event of the company’s financial failure. 



Something Different. Somewhere Different.

Simple. To create original itineraries in less travelled locations packed with unique experiences. If the Somewhere Different isn’t that different (e.g. Spain) then the Something Different will be very unique (e.g. Iberian Lynx) or vice versa but either way an original experience is guaranteed.



Unlike many operators we really, really know our products as we have created the original itineraries ourselves, hand picked the characterful accommodation and live or have lived in the locations. When you enquire about an experience you will only ever get a response from someone in our team who has experienced the trip and in many cases you will be talking to one of our team who actually runs the trips. We don’t subcontract local companies to run our experiences which is common practice in the travel industry, we employ our own dedicated team locally which enables us to not only offer the best possible value but to ensure that the experiences run to the highest standard. In fact we have a number of international tour operators who subcontract us to run their trips!



All our knowledge is packed into a comprehensive experience booklet which contains all the information our guests need to know about their trip, not only enhancing the experience but allowing for more independence. We try to offer guests as much free time as possible in locations as we appreciate people have differing interests, though our team are always on hand to assist if required. All our team are very warm and affable, and we hope that they come to be viewed as knowledgeable local friend as opposed to just another guide. 




James – The Founder.

James dreamed up Untravelled Paths while sitting behind a desk in a London city job that was high on money, long on hours and low on fun. After a trip to the Ice Hotel in Romania, the light bulb finally went on. Now despite even longer hours, less spending money and more jet lag, James can’t complain.

Expertise: Getting his hands dirty and supporting where necessary, there is not an area he can’t cover!

Favourite Something Different: Enjoying the scenery from the Koman Ferry on the Albanian Alps Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: Danakil Depression on the Ethiopia Experience

What they say: “Marius, Cristina, Oana, and the entire UTP staff worked hard to ensure our trip went off without any hitches, and we fell in love with Romania and adore the UTP staff. The tour and sites were outstanding, the opportunities UTP offers are once-in-a-lifetime adventures you’ll cherish.” Rachel England         



Cristina – The Wonder Woman.

You’re unlikely to find Cristina sitting down. Ever. Rushed off her feet, available day and night, solving problems left right and centre, Cristina is our personal brand of fairy godmother. She may be small but, be warned, she is as mighty as they come.

Expertise: Romania

Favourite Something Different: Pottery making on the Rural Romania Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: Marrakesh on the Sahara Desert Experience

What they say: “My husband and I have just come home from an absolutely breath taking trip to Romania and the Ice Hotel. In the four day trip we got to see so many beautiful places and experience things that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. I cannot praise untraveled paths enough, throughout our trip our guide Christina was professional and fun. Book now you will not be disappointed!” Alice Williamson



Marius G – The Jack of all Trades.

A hit with everyone we know, we’re yet to meet someone who hasn’t become an immediate fan of Marius. Aside from going above and beyond to make sure clients are happy and trips run smoothly, Marius manages to juggle work, play and drumming in a heavy metal band all at the same time.

Expertise: Romania, Spain, Italy and Ethiopia

Favourite Something Different: Bull Jumping Ceremony in Omo Valley on the Tribal Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: Kotor Bay on the Montenegro Experience

What they say: “Words can’t describe how good the whole experience was from start to finish. We were lucky enough to experience Romania (a hidden gem) –  The ice hotel and Dracula’s castle experience was well worth a visit with UTP. Our guide ‘Marius G’ couldn’t do enough for us, nothing was too much bother” Chrisy Golfin




Oana – The Bright Spark.

Oana is young, fun and always one step ahead of the game with her head and heart exactly where they need to be at exactly the right time. Unless of course there’s a good novel around in which case please don’t bother her!

Specialises: Romania, Morocco, Marketing, General office guru.

Favourite Something Different: Visiting the Bear Hide on the Brown Bear Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: Stargazing on the Sahara Desert Experience

What they say: “Our guide Oana was excellent, she made the whole trip fun and informative. Before leaving you to your own devices would ensure you were completely happy and supply you with recommendations of things to see and places to eat and drink. Transylvania is beautiful and the Ice Hotel was a unique experience I would recommend this trip and definitely this travel company. Thank you Untravelled Paths for an amazing week.” Nicky Hamilton-John




Ilija – The Thinker. 

There are two things you’ll learn very quickly about Ilija. Firstly, he is tall. Very tall, like his Montenegrin counterparts. Second is that dull conversations simply don’t exist when Ilija is around… so long as you don’t mention football. That’s the third thing you’ll learn… Ilija may well be Liverpool’s biggest fan!

Expertise: Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia (and of course Liverpool FC)

Favourite Something Different: Dinner in the Hotel of Ice on our Ice Hotel Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: Village of Theth on our Albanian Alps Experience

What they say: “The whole trip was well organised and Ilija is the best host you can possibly imagine. Not only is he a walking and talking history book but he cannot do enough for you to make you feel welcome and now at the end of the week I feel I’ve made a new friend.” Isabella Maria



Marius M – The Team Player.

Marius is super relaxed but utterly reliable. He’s no more at home than when surrounded by people and loves nothing more than showing people round his beloved Romania. Speaking Spanish and Italian, as well as English you may well be lucky enough to also see him on our Dolce Vita and Lynx Experiences.

Expertise: Romania, Italy, Spain

Favourite Something Different: Making Pasta with the local Mamas on our Dolce Vita Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: Visit Maramures and its wooden churches on our Rural Romania Experience

What they say: “A very big shout out to Marius M. He really made our trip special. Nothing was too much trouble and his knowledge was amazing. Thank you thank thank you and we would do it all again.” Caroline Rankin



Dragos – The Entertainer.

Dragos likes to have fun, this much you will learn very quickly from his infectious energy but he will also work tirelessly to ensure you have the best possible experience and it’s this attitude combined with affable nature which make his such a fab host. Oh, and he doesn’t need to be asked twice to sing or dance!

Speciality: Romania

Favourite Something Different: Bird spotting, floating down the waterways on the Danube Delta Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: The beautiful highlights of Scotland on our Basking Shark Experience

What they say: “Excellent company and excellent tour guide, Dragos our tour guide was so helpful and knowledgeable. He made that whole trip memorable for us. We wouldn’t have enjoyed Romania that much without him.” Gaurav Jain



Shigo – The Inspiring One.

Originating from the Omo Valley, Shigo was once a member of the Hamer Tribe but his desire to learn and go to school meant he left the tribe. Not only is he an inspiring individual but he is incredibly hard working and will go out of his way to ensure you are looked after. He also processes a fabulous laugh!

Speciality: Ethiopia

Favourite Something Different: Feeding Hyena’s on our Harar Hyena Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: Hiking and Camping on our Simien Mountains Experience

What they say: “Our fabulous guide Shigo who grew up in a tribe. At seven, after spying some boys in school uniforms carrying books on a trip to the weekly market in town, he told his parents that he too wanted to attend school. When they said no because they wanted him home tending sheep, he moved into town by himself and was taken in by a widow, but he never has forgotten his culture” Bliss Broyard



Abdul – The Humble One.

Abdul loves his country, his king, his family and finally his car who his calls “Nega” which is berber for camel! Fortunately for us he also loves looking after guests who can’t help but be charmed by his infectious character and relaxed nature, Abdul and “Nega” are the perfect couple to take you round Morocco.

Speciality: Morocco

Favourite Something Different: Skiing on the Atlas Mountains on our Morocco Ski Experience

Favourite Somewhere Different: The Oasis of Skoura on the Sahara Desert Experience

What they say: “We would also highly recommend and like to praise in particular Abdul who was the representative from Untravelled Paths to our trip to the Sahara desert. He is absolutely fantastic and he made our trip extremely special. He always goes the extra mile to meet our needs, extremely knowledge, passionate about his job and is definitely a valuable asset to Untravelled Paths.” Sonia Samrai



We couldn’t possibly list all the positive quotes about our experiences and team, so don’t just take our word for it click on the review website, Trust Pilot to see for yourselves!